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The Lamb

Can You Hear The Lamb?
clouds of white roll endlessly
the fleece upon the lamb
soft as a newborn baby’s cry
sweet as honey boughs
wet with the morning dew
Can You Touch The Lamb?
blue the sky, majestically
the Eyes of The Lamb
intense, filled with love
confident, no fear within
ready to be the sacrifice
Can You See The Lamb?
sun rays gaze upon from above
The Body of the Lamb
no shelter from the heat
only pain and our sins
obedient to the Fathers will
Do You Know The Lamb?
(photo courtesy of presbydestrian.wordpress.com)


Is there a punishment for murder of one’s spirit and soul?
Until they feel no more…
only pain and sorrow.
Once a free spirit, happy and loving,
killed by ugly, nasty and cunning.
Once there was innocence, now no more.
Once simple pleasures tugged
at her hearts door.
Now only loneliness sits deep within,
crying for someone to be a true friend.
Is there a prison to hold them…as it does him?
To punish the murderer of not the body…but soul.
To whom for justice will eternity hold?

Standing in her pj’s
soft and pink
Red hair in her eyes
thumb in her mouth
I look at her, and
the love I feel
As my precious grand-baby
calls out “hi Nana”
leaves everything else unspoken.

In the beginning nothing was there,
everything was dark and bare.
The Spirit of God came down one day;
he made a decision to do things this way.
First was the light, the day and the night.
Then came the sky, God made it just right.
Next came the land, and then in rushed the sea.
It was all good, it was made to be.
The trees and the plants next were found,
after the moon and the sun that go round and around.
The fish in the sea and the birds flying above,
the whales and the parrots God created with love.
When God at last was almost done,
He sat and thought, “Let’s have some fun.”
God created a monkey, the elephant too,
the cat, the dog and the cow to go moo!
What God did next was best of all,
He created each of us from big to small.
From light to dark to Adam and Eve,
then God rested, but He didn’t leave.

winter wheat

Small and narrow is the path your feet should enter in,
To keep yourself from eternal death, because of wickedness and sin.
Do not think it strange my friend when you can not find,
The answer to life’s questions are within the Word and not the wine.
When the hour comes upon you to answer for your deeds,
Will you be able to tell Him, ‘In fertile ground you planted seeds?’
When He also ask, ‘why should you enter in?’
Can you tell Him you lived His words, and not a life of sin?

Terri L. Shaw 04-1977

The Art of Forgiving

Forgiveness is the greatest gift to yourself. If we can’t forgive others of their transgressions, sins, faults or wrong-doings, how do we expect to be forgiven of ours, either by others, or more importantly God?

New Year and Changes.

The start of a new year brings changes, some good, some bad. Everyone make new resolutions, stop smoking, loose weight, go back to school, de-clutter their lives or homes. These resolutions inadvertently, eventually fall to the wayside.
Have you been the victim of your own demise? Have you fallen into that same trap every year of making those ‘resolutions’ and exclaiming, “this time I’ll make it,” only to fail once more, and dwell on how you failed?
Instead of making a new years resolution, make your life a living example. In reading Philippians 4:8 we find a perfect example of daily living. It tells us that if thinks are noble, just, pure, lovely, if it is of good report, has virtue and is praiseworthy, we are to meditate on these things.
Meditate means to dwell on, concentrate on, but also clear and free the mind.
Matthew 5:5 You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are–no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.
If we take care of our health, eat healthy, exercise normally, do the things we know intelligently we aren’t supposed to do, and have a relationship with God, then forget those resolutions and just be yourself.
God gave you that gift.

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